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Blockchain and Beyond

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Capture your product’s chain of custody on the Blockchain

By mid ’80s, the scope of supply chain had enlarged beyond connecting two dots. The term supply chain, which entered popular discourse sometime in 1982, meant an integrated approach to inventory management with functions like production, marketing, sales, and finance all subsumed under it. Now that their traditional markets are fast reaching saturation point, businesses feel compelled to expand to new regions. Such outreach, especially by large enterprises, is underpinned by an entire bewildering network of intermediaries (contract manufacturers, direct suppliers, sub…

Global healthcare expenses will cross US$8.7 trillion by 2020, up from US$7 trillion in 2015 and will create more jobs than probably any other sector

While the health sector is seeing scorching growth, this also entails increased out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Healthcare players know that an optimal mix of quality care, accessibility for all, and affordability is in the best interests of end users and the community at large. Even so, cost efficiencies have plateaued and it’s difficult to make much headway in this area without drastically revamping the existing system. It is in this context that the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) is becoming the…